Reformer Class

There are only 6 people per class, you are taken through a repertoire of exercises together on the reformer which uses springs for resistance. Your body is supported while muscles will be isolated to make your body work in a way you have never felt before. Great full body workout while still being gentle and low impact. The reformer workout is for anyone from Athletes to the Older generation to Pregnant Women.

Semi Private Classes

If you would like a little bit of extra assistance or you need rehabilitation then this is the class for you. There are only 4 people per class and each person is following an individualised program, created to help achieve their pilates goals. All studio equipment is used, making the class very versatile and creative.

Mat Class

This is for people who need to start with the basics. It is a great class to build your confidence, and work on the foundational moves of Pilates. Still very challenging, and will help refine technique and on building strength and core stability.

Jump Board

Jump Board is an intermediate class that lifts your heart rate and makes your muscles burn. This class is great for toning and weight loss.

Small Group PT

We are bring fitness into the studio at a whole new level, thing sand bags, skipping ropes and kettle bells. This class is designed to help you reach you fitness goals, lift your heart rate and make you sweat. Classes are kept small and personal.

Stretch Therapy

Enjoy a relaxing hour session of full body stretching and self massage to relieve your body of any tension, increase your flexibility and relax your body and mind. We finish the hour with a 10 minute meditation, to help you sleep well for the night. 


For reservations click below or call 0438768690

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