A Place To Connect With Your Body

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide small classes in a positive and safe environment that is accessible to everyone. We ensure a quality educational space to help our bodies align and thrive through various Pilates methods supported by highly trained staff to maintain a healthy life long change.


Our Vision

Make Pilates accessible for everyone whether it’s for injury rehabilitation, toning, body alignment, posture improvement or core & overall strength. Ensuring customers walk out with great results through small, focused and personalised classes taught by highly trained and dedicated staff.

Sarah Jane

Hi I’m Sarah. I was introduced to Pilates through managing a hip injury. I loved the way it made me feel and only after a few months I told my teacher I will own my own Pilates studio one day.

I couldn’t wait to share my passion with other people and also chose a career that will keep me strong and supported. Since I started on my Pilates Journey 7 years ago boy have I learnt so much, my passion has now turned into a mission to Empower as many people I can to heal themselves and take control of their bodies through Pilates.

I have owned my studio for 4 years now and I have so many plans for the future to service people who want to learn and add as much value as I can. Im a Mum and a Wife and ….. I freakin love and breath Pilates.