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Michelle Castelani


I've always seen Pilates as a great way to tone and strengthen your body without the impact of other forms of weight bearing exercises. Shortly after becoming a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer I decided to do the Pilates Instructor course, I saw this as a great opportunity to immerse myself into this amazing world and understand better the human body, its coping mechanisms and how we can help to repair and heal ourselves. The glute stretch is one my favourites stretches as my glutes occasionally get very tight. Also I love the hinge exercise as it strengthens and stretches the quadriceps at the same time.

I unfortunately used to suffer from terrible lower back pain, it all started in my late teens and I could never figure out why and what I had to do to make it stop, then with age comes more clicks and cracks and I'd still feel helpless. When I attended my first Pilates class I was blow away with how gentle but highly effective the exercises were to strengthen, tone and improve posture. Pilates has allowed me to understand some of the causes of muscle imbalances I have developed through the years and what to do in order to achieve a more balanced body and improved posture. Personally I feel much stronger and way more flexible by adding Pilates practice into my routine and definitely encourage everyone of all fitness levels & age range to practice Pilates and have more quality of life by building stronger bodies.

Favourite quote?
Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness, Joseph Pilates