Pilates For Everybody

I could go on all day about the benefits of Pilates, not only have I seen it change lives, it gives people the freedom to do things with their bodies they never thought they would ever be able to do. This confidence comes over like a bright light shining upon them because they feel in control of their body for the first time in their lives, they are pain free for the first time in their lives, they can move with ease and feel stronger than ever before.

In addition Pilates strength is like no other, it’s not just a stronger core you will gain but it is the control over one’s whole body. This strength cannot be compared with a weightlifter strength as we don’t get you performing 100kg dead lifts; however, the strengths have a similar power over the body, it’s power to move in a way that empowers the person in control to move mountains and bust through goals.

In addition pilates strengthens all your small supporting muscles through functional movements, sticking to the fundamental Pilate rules of controlled and precise movements. I truly believe Pilates is for everyone and it should be #lifegoals for every single person. Not only does Pilates give strength and freedom to your body it also teaches you about mind/body connection and it gives you a body that works for you perfectly along with learning core values such a consistency and precision and dedication.

Here are my top ten benefits of Pilates:

1. Stronger mind and body connection
2. Muscle strength around joints resulting in less injuries
3. Faster recovery from surgery or injuries
4. Better Muscle and joint health
5. Better clarity of mind
6. Leaner and toner muscles
7. Better spine health
8. Strong core
9. Better sense of self
10. Overall better health physically and mentally

Now if those points don’t convince you to fall in love with Pilates Maybe this will

1. Improved flexibility
2. Improved Bone Density
3. Balanced muscle strength on both side of the body
4. enhanced muscular control in back and limbs
5. Improved sports performance.
6. Better Balance

Finally it is very unlikely you will get injured from a Pilates class, you should only expect to feel longer, leaner and refreshed after a class, leaving the session knowing you had done something truly special for your body. Keep an eye out for our next blog as I will be going into more depth about the about the benefits.

In Conclusion , make pilates your life goal, your body will thank you for it!!

Sarah van Kuijk