Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy Comes to Cairns

Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy Comes to Cairns

Diploma of Pilates CairnsSarah Jane Pilates will be hosting the’Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy’ in Cairns, starting July 2016 and facilitated by Body Organics Education and the Australian Pilates Method Association.

What is the ?

This government-accredited qualification prepares students to work with low-to-medium risk clients in a one-on-one studio (equipment-based) or group setting. The course is designed to teach the theoretical and historical basis of the Pilates Method and prepare students to work safely and professionally with confidence.

The aim is for students to become pro cient at teaching a variety of traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Pilates Method repertoire, with an understanding of the methodology necessary to modify it for use by clientele with a wide variety of pathologies, conditions and special needs.

Why Body Organics?

Body Organics focus on limited student intakes per course so that each student obtains supervised practical sessions to build their confidence and understanding of how to teach and work with clients. Our multidisciplinary approach exposes students to a variety of professionals (from Physiotherapists, Exercise Scientists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists and Occupational Therapists) to enhance their learning experience and understanding.

Their students are able to access specially written workbooks and podcast materials in order to facilitate their understanding of anatomy and pathologies that are seen in a pilates practice.

Body Organics’ Education Director has been involved with pilates since 1993, and her extensive experience of the Pilates Method as a mind body discipline has provided the course delivery with depth and subtlety.

Their focus is on encouraging students to embody the pilates movement principles so that they undertake the journey to strength that their clients will achieve. Through the experience of the work we seek to ensure that our graduates can teach and facilitate the pilates method in their clients. Students receive heavily discounted supervised studio classes throughout their course to enable them to understand the stages of progression of the various exercises and pilates principals.

We want students  to master the basics and understand the concepts that make up the complex movement patterns of the traditional pilates repertoire. Giving them the foundations to teach movement and change movement patterns in your clients so that you understand why and when you teach.

Learn more about the course by reading the full Course Prospectus

Australian Pilates Method Association

Body Organics

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