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Pilates – Be part of something life changing and fun.Benefits of pilates

Pilates works to strengthen the whole body and mind.

Types of Pilates Classes:

Beginner Matwork Pilates: this is for people who need to start with the basics. It is a great class to build your confidence, and work on the foundational moves of Pilates.

Pilates classes at Sarah Jane PIilatesIntermediate Matwork Pilates: this class is for those who want an extra challenge, those who want to refine their technique and work hard on building strength and core stability.

Pilates Reformer Class:There are only 5 people per class, you are taken through a repertoire of exercises together on the reformer which uses springs for resistance. Your body will be very supported while muscles will be isolated to make your body work in a way you have never felt before. Great full body workout while still being gentle and low Pilates reformer class Cairnsimpact. The reformer workout is for anyone from Athletes to the Older generation.

Barre Pilates: This class is a fusion of Ballet Moves, Pilates and Fitness exercises to get a full body work out. Many of the movements are made while standing at the Ballet Barre. This is recommended for those who still want a low impact exercise and want to work their muscles in a different way.

Boxilates: If you would like to add more cardio this is the class for you. It is a great upper body and core workout. The class incorporates boxing with a partner and Mat Pilates. You will learn boxing and pad tecniques while still getting your pilates in as well.

Stretch Class: Enjoy a relaxing hour session of full body stretching to relieve your body of any tension, increase your flexibility and relax your body and mind.

CWA: Cadilac, Wunda Chair and Arc Class. This class are for those who would like to try something different to reformer it is also suitable for those who have injuries that need special attention.

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We Also Offer:

  • Relaxation and Remedial Massage
  • Personal Training and Private Pilates Sessions
  • Assistance in Diet Plans and Weightloss